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Custom Sign Solutions

The importance of great signage is often underestimated.  Storefront signage when done right is proven to increase foot traffic and brand awareness.  In many cases, your storefront or corporate signage creates the first impression of potential customers and visitors. Signage does not stop at your front door. Great interior signage and branding are important too.  You should consider the interior of your space a blank canvas that, when branded right, can exude company culture and ideals.  The right blend of well designed custom signage and environmental graphics can help define your brand.

Installation Information

Schedule a professional installation of your graphics with one of our customer service representatives.  JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally.

Design Service

Determining the right type of signage to meet your objectives takes much consideration. The JGX team will work with you to create the ideal signage package by evaluating location, product mix, brand identity, and marketing goals. We will then help you create customized signage that attracts attention and communicates effectively. Our team will also identify the best sign solutions to meet your budget. Schedule a professional installation of your graphics with one of our customer service representatives.  JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally.

Why JGX?

 Our signage services are focused on meeting the needs of your business and supporting your corporate goals with creative signage solutions. If you want to build your brand presence, increase foot traffic, sell more of a particular product, keep your staff safer, or make it easier for guests to navigate your space, effective signs and graphics are the solutions.  

As a custom sign manufacturer that’s been around for years, we know that both the right type of signage and the right style of signage is needed for maximum impact. We ensure your branding is communicated accurately and effectively through cohesive and professional signs and graphic elements.

Signs That Work For You

Storefront signs are intended to attract attention and introduce your brand to potential new customers. This could be through promotional window graphics, professional vinyl lettering on your doors, impactful dimensional letters and logo’s, or even banners, a-frame signs, and other temporary signage elements.

Indoor signs typically support branding and wayfinding, assisting your customers and guests with easily and intuitively navigating your space. They may include lobby logo signs, directories, room identification signs, ADA signage, as well as motivational and safety signage targeted at keeping your employees more productive.

Off-site signage is usually promotional in nature, including signage elements like trade show exhibits, vehicle wraps, yard signs, and banners. These are intended to promote your business, events, products, or services to a specific event or local audience.

When we understand the needs of your business, and what you want to accomplish with your signage mix, we are able to recommend the ideal sign types, designs, and placement to support your goals. Based on your product mix, branding, physical location, budget, and goals, determining the right blend of signage elements for your business takes a lot of consideration. Different types of businesses have unique needs and requirements regarding proper, appropriate, and supportive use of their signs and graphics.

Other Lighting Options

Underwater Lighting- Whether you have a pool, a fountain, or a stream, you might want to think about underwater lightning. Underwater lighting can make sure that you can safely swim in your pool no matter what time it is. It also allows you to have late-night swim parties with your friends and family.

They can be used to highlight a unique design etched into the bottom of the pool. It can make the design come to life. Besides just standard lights, colored lights, and strobing lights are all great considerations for incredible accent lighting for your pool.

Lights can also work well in your fountain; perhaps you want to highlight its beautiful and intricate design. A light that stems from underwater can cast beautiful designs against it due to the moving water. It also lets you peer into the water no matter how dark it is outside.

Do you have a koi or goldfish pond or stream?  We can incorporate underwater lighting to allow for nighttime viewing.

Tree Uplighting- If your yard has a lot of trees, then why not make them a central feature of your landscaping? By using uplighting, you can cast bright lights that make the trees appear even taller. Depending on how high you cast the light, you can make the tree appear as though it stretches into the night sky overhead. Uplighting trees that have white petals or other colored petals can also make your yard look almost magical when lit up. Passersby can be dazzled by the flash of color each time they pass your home.

Spotlighting- Does your home have an intricate design? Perhaps it possesses an architectural design that you want people to notice. The best way to attract the eye to certain areas of your home is with spotlighting. These are bright lights that are entrenched at the base of the house and shine upwards against the exterior of your home. You can place in a myriad of different ways to ensure that the part you want highlighted isn’t missed. These lights are a great way to show off an elegant arch or a unique point that your home possesses.

Even if you don’t have any particular stunning architectural designs to show off, spotlighting can still cast your home in a bright light that makes it look elegant and fancy. Directly shining a series of lights along the exterior walls of your home can make it look impressive and stately.

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