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Premium Printing Products Tailored For The Art Industry


JGX Group specializes in providing high-end quality printing products and services tailored to the art industry, offering a range of specialty materials and print processes that artists, galleries, businesses, and individuals find unique and appealing. Our diverse product portfolio includes high-quality art prints on a variety of materials, including stretched canvas prints, giclee, photo posters, acrylic, warm wood, white metal prints, brushed metal prints, wallpaper, and murals, which when done right enhance the uniqueness of the reproduction. From businesses to gallery owners and artists, our products can make a significant impact by transforming digital images into striking, high-resolution prints that capture the essence of the artwork. Additionally, our designers provide scanning, shooting, color correction, and editing services that ensure the colors and details are faithfully reproduced.

Design Service


Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something unique, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. 

wall art
ACRYLIC wall print


Art Printing Installation


Schedule a professional installation of your graphics with one of our customer service representatives. JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally.

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