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Take your marketing to new heights with custom flags.

At JGX Group we offer a variety of quality hardware and material options that will stand up to the elements and make your messaging be noticed.  Flags are designed to be noticed drawing the attention of the public.  They provide an economical means to attract potential customers.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are professionally designed in the shape of feathers and are great for promoting your business, new products, and special offers at different events or exhibitions. These feather custom banners are especially effective for branding. If you are an owner of a big brand, then you will surely draw attention to your business with the help of feather personalized flags. Custom feather flags will be especially effective if you make the right choices about the flag’s location, color, and the message you want it to communicate.

Our feather flags come with high quality, durability, and longevity. The features of the flags are customizable – you choose the design, the colors, and other relevant details. Keep in mind that feather flags are mainly used for showcasing your company logo and won’t be very effective for sending out long messages.

Rotating Flags

Seeing your beautiful, brand-perfect flag wrapped around your flagpole on a windy day— what a bummer. Rotating flags are engineered to rotate with the breeze, a unique tangle-free, never-furl design so that your high-flying colors are never hidden from your customers again.

Designed for event entryways, parking lots, plazas, concourses, and city streets, rotating flagpoles are fast and easy to set up. They’re also durable enough to weather any storm. Keep your company looking professional while your competitors struggle to keep their flags up after a windy day.

Custom Flags

Creating custom flags that promote your business has a variety of benefits and versatile uses. Flags can be placed around your business if the location of your business is in a low-traffic area, or they can be used to promote specials and events going on in the store. By using flags, customers can easily recognize your business’s location. Custom flags can also be incorporated with special events such as booths or outdoor venues where customers will recognize your company and the products or services it provides.

Custom flag printing is offered with many different shapes and sizes varying between what your business is looking for and how you want to use the flags within your business. Whether you need to display your message indoors or outdoors, custom flags are designed to work in any environment, giving you the flexibility you need to advertise anywhere, 24/7, and under any conditions.

Tear Drop Flag

Teardrop flags, commonly referred to as teardrop flag banners or teardrop feather flags, are large teardrop-shaped flags with any custom design printed on them using a dye sublimation process. They are attached to a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass flagpole and are either stuck into the ground or placed on some type of flag stand. This flagpole is bendable, keeping the teardrop flag taut with and without wind.

Using a teardrop flag banner in front of your store or business will surely be an eye-catcher and help draw the attention of prospective customers and other passersby. Advertising your business is made simple and effective with these teardrop flag banners.

Installation Information

Schedule a professional installation for any graphics and signage with one of our customer service representatives.  JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally whether an individual, a single location or multi-store installation.

Design Service

Need help with your design?  Yes we can help with that too!  Contact one of our Design Team members to discuss your vision.

Need an Estimate or Ready to Place an Order

Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service team members. Tell us a little about your upcoming project: What effects are you wanting to achieve? What is your timing? How long do the graphics need to last? What is your budget? 

It also helps to give us the budget for your project so that we can guide you to the products and materials that will meet both your expectations and your budget. Give us as much information as you can, and we’ll get back to you right away!


JGX fills a unique void in the market in that they supply creative consultation to help companies bring vision to conceptual ideas. Their innovative solutions allow projects to be produced on budget and most of the time, on stringent timelines.

Ken Maxwell

Creative Director/Partner, LDWW

I'm a designer with J Howell Construction in Highland Village, TX and we recently ordered some signage from JGX Group & I can not say enough about them. The collaboration process was so smooth, they presented ideas & were incredibly open to going off what I designed. Their customer service was amazing & there was such an ease working with them that we have decided to definitely to order from & work with them again. Thank you JGX Group for such a wonderful experience. And if you haven't checked out showroom in the Design District you have got to!

Becky Olson

Designer, J Howell Construction

The JGX team helped us with our design plans from start to finish, including detailed renderings for us to review. They also made the installation process quick and painless.

Tommaso Diodato

Director of Visual Merchandising, Ippolita

Beyond impressed with my JGX experience. I approached them with a project that had a tight deadline and they not only came through early, but also completed the job beautifully and beyond expectations.

Ronak Assadi

DIFFA Board of Trustees

Wonderful experience with Scott, Nancy, and Ryan at JGX Group. They were very caring in making sure I got exactly what I wanted for my company. The project turned out great, and I am using them again now for another project. Thank you for your quick and friendly replies, and fast turn around time.

Madelein Black

We loved working with Scott at JGX Group for our exterior sign on our building! It helps increase marketing reach and gives us a home more than we have in just our building! Thanks!!

Cam Petty

We just opened up our second location of Class Studios this past weekend and we could not have done it without JGX. We've worked with them for years, on our first location and now second, thankful for their precision and attention to detail, as well as their incredible customer service. Scott, Mark, and the entire team were a joy to work with. Thank you for making our studio look so amazing.

Paige Martindell

Great company, everything from standard signage to custom jobs. Everything in house from production to install. Checked out some of their work at 4510 & Nieman Marcus and the creative team will definitely make your space or promotional collateral fantastic on any level!!

Sean Corcoran

Scott and his team were fantastic. Great advice and design, professional installers, we could not be happier.

Joe Bergam

The face shields work great for seeing patients and keeping safe. Quick shipping to Florida. This is a great product for the medical community during a time when medical suppliers cannot keep up.

Kyle Watson

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