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Custom A-Frame Sidewalk Sign aka Sandwich Board Signs

Weather Resistant- Durable- Reusable

Durable A-Frame signs including custom graphics applied to a sturdy folding frame. Easily collapsible and portable. Great for outdoor and sidewalk advertising

What Are A-Frames?

A-Frames, also known as sandwich board signs, are an easy and affordable way to advertise your business or event. We offer a variety of options and materials including completely custom options.  Made of either plastic, metal or wood, we are certain to have an option to suit your needs.  The durable frames allow them to be placed both indoors and outdoors in any conditions except extreme weather. We even have weighted options to resist being up ended by the wind. They are extremely easy to set up, take down, and move from one location to another as needed.

Our Standard A-Frame comes with several options and materials for the replaceable sign faces.  The sign face materials are either vinyl, chalk board, magnet, styrene, PVC or corrugated plastic dependent upon the type of frame you choose.  Our Premium A-Frame comes with corrugated plastic inserts that easily slide in and out of the A-Frame using tabs on the sides to keep them in place. Order multiple signs and change messaging in a matter of seconds as often as you want!

What are the different styles of A-frame displays and sandwich boards


  • Plastic sidewalk signs are manufactured from rugged polyethylene in the traditional folding A-frame style. Their biggest advantage is they are virtually indestructible and hold up to tough exterior environments. Since they don’t dent or splinter, they make excellent signage choices for parking lots, garages, valet services, and construction zones. 
  • Metal sidewalk signs are available in a few variations. One of the most popular is aluminum snap-open frames. These are designed for displaying posters behind clear protective lenses. The four sides of the framing flip open for easy graphics changes. Another style is the steel A-frame which comes with magnetic lenses that simply stick to the steel backer. Metal frames are a step up in appearance when compared to the plastic models. 
  • Changeable letter boards are another popular type of sidewalk sign, giving the retailer multiple lines of custom text space to create customized text and advertising. Each pavement sign comes with sets of letters, numbers, and symbols that can be reused time and time again to promote different events and promotions. 
  • Sidewalk marker boards are commonly embraced by the restaurants. With their wood framing and black writing surface, they lend themselves well to advertising a restaurant’s food specials or a bar’s happy hour prices. Apply handwritten messages and art to attract the attention of passersby.  
  • Wind-resistant signage is a must for many venues using outdoor advertising. Swinger signs incorporate hanging hooks or horizontal support bars, while the fillable base and T-style models feature base springs. In the first two lines, extra ballast can be added to the bases in the form of sand or water. If your place of business is prone to windy conditions, there’s no reason why you can’t use an outdoor pavement or curb sign. The extra weight helps keep your portable displays upright and stable, an important safety consideration due to their close proximity to pedestrians. 
  • Real estate frames and yard stakes are popular choices for outdoor use. Realtors frequently choose portable signage to advertise an open house or property listing. These normally come in the form of folding A-frames that they can easily stow away in their trunk and set up quickly. Yard stakes are the economical answer for businesses wanting to display temporary signage. These are simple affairs, fabricated with thick steel wire in an “H” design. Plastic corrugated signage is then held in place when slipped over the two top spikes. An affordable option for yard services like landscaping and fertilizing companies, these are also known for their ubiquitous use during election year… 
  • Totally Custom options are available made specifically to meet your exact needs.  Contact one of our customer service representatives to discuss the possibilities.

Custom A-Frame Insert Replacements

Need replacement signs for your existing A-Frame sign?  Regardless of material type we can print new signage to replace your existing signs.  All you have to do is remove the old one and either insert or apply the new one.  Call us today to place your order for additional inserts.

Sidewalk Signs Provide Extra Marketing and Advertising Possibilities

As a store owner, you may ask why you would display another sign in addition to the one already on your storefront? A potential customer’s line of sight has a lot to do with it. People constantly walk up and down the sidewalk, passing your store with no regard to who you are or what you’re selling. In fact, they don’t even look up, but they will see a sidewalk sign due to the fact it is directly in their line of sight. Our vast assortment of sidewalk signs features a variety of options; fold-flat designs, wind-deflecting springs, weighted and even options with wheels for convenient transporting. Specific models are more suited to certain industries or applications, but these portable outdoor sign displays all share the same purpose of attracting people inside your business by advertising your name or enticing potential patrons with promotions.

Installation Information

Schedule a professional installation of your graphics with one of our customer service representatives.  JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally.

Design Service

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something unique, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. If you already have a digital file, we can turn it into an A-Frame sidewalk sign, and you can put it anywhere or give it to anyone. 

Need an Estimate or Ready to Place an Order

Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service team members. Tell us a little about your upcoming project: What effects are you wanting to achieve? What is your timing? How long do the graphics need to last? What is your budget? 

It also helps to give us the budget for your project so that we can guide you to the products and materials that will meet both your expectations and your budget. Give us as much information as you can, and we’ll get back to you right away!


JGX fills a unique void in the market in that they supply creative consultation to help companies bring vision to conceptual ideas. Their innovative solutions allow projects to be produced on budget and most of the time, on stringent timelines.

Ken Maxwell

Creative Director/Partner, LDWW
The JGX team helped us with our design plans from start to finish, including detailed renderings for us to review. They also made the installation process quick and painless.

Tommaso Diodato

Director of Visual Merchandising, Ippolita
Beyond impressed with my JGX experience. I approached them with a project that had a tight deadline and they not only came through early, but also completed the job beautifully and beyond expectations.

Ronak Assadi

DIFFA Board of Trustees
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