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Order Management Software

What is Order Management Software?

We make order management simple by utilizing our cloud-based order management software. Retailers, leading brands, franchises, and restaurant chains alike recognize the challenge of managing brand standards and ordering signage, displays, and print products across many locations.  JGX recognizes this challenge and the importance of delivering high-quality signage on time and on budget consistently.  It has long been our goal to deliver signage that is on-brand, relevant to customers, and that influences buyer behavior. Businesses have always struggled with how to manage custom product requests and rollouts across their organization. We have the solution!

JGX has proven success managing signage and print programs using custom web-based order management technology.  For over 12 years, we have perfected our technology making the management of intricate signage and product programs a snap.  The cloud-based software allows the creation of custom client-branded shopping cart systems that give brand managers the ability to control brand standards while giving users the ability to easily create custom products, give proof approvals, and make payments.  We can customize the functionality of our portals to each of our client’s unique needs.  Ideal for retailers, franchises, or any business trying to manage the ordering process across many users, products, and locations.


Order Management Software Benefits 

  • Static & Custom Products
  • Control Budgets
  • Manage Rollouts 
  • Custom Reporting
  • Location Profiles
  • Image Gallery
  • Manage Users 
  • Assign Roles
  • Custom Payment Options

Administrator Controls

Our portal functionality can be customized to meet most any request.  The software puts the control in the hands of the administrator by giving them the ability to assign roles.  The administrator can assign roles such as final proof approval, content management, or budget approvals to specific users on their management team.  Administrators can set spending limits and control visibility by user or location, edit orders, control final proof approval, edit image galleries, and create custom reports.  Just imagine being able to create a user experience unique to each user and location by controlling the products, options, sizes, functionality, and spending limits while maintaining the ability to edit or cancel user orders.

Maintaining signage brand standards has never been easier.  Products can be set up as either static or customizable while remaining on-brand with sign and print templates.  Templates can be set up to give users as much or as little creative freedom as administrators wish.  They can have set fonts, colors, and styling rules with drop-down options, date standards, free text boxes, image upload, and more.

User Experience

Ordering is easy and re-orders are even easier. Each user only sees products that are relevant to them and their location.  It’s easy to place orders, approve proofs, make payments, view progress, and track shipments. Exact re-orders are as easy as a couple of clicks of a mouse.

  • Secure Cloud Access- Functionality and order management is secure with cloud-based technology and can be accessed from any device.
  • Track in Real-Time- Check order status online and receive shipping notifications with tracking links as soon as packages ship.
  • Image Gallery – Upload custom artwork or images to galleries to allow simple ordering and consistent branding.

The Installation Process

We also offer installation services with any order to ensure that your graphics are properly installed. A team of certified nationwide installers are available throughout the United States or Canada to install. This service includes project management, site surveys, graphic installation and/or removal, and follow up with photos of each completed installation. The install photos, or client-generated photos, are then uploaded to the signage management database to roll into the next rollout.

Make Roll-Outs Simple

Replace and roll out new artwork to stores quickly and efficiently. Utilizing our Order Management System makes roll-outs seamless and easy with the utilization of tools within the portal that can assist with managing budgets and orders by setting user and group spending limits, creating custom reporting, and viewing order history by location. The software allows you to place orders, view progress, track shipments and run reports necessary to make and maintain your budget decisions. 

Seamless Rollout Management

  • Replace and roll-out new artwork to stores quickly and efficiently. Check order status, track shipments, manage budgets, and have easy report access.
  • Budget Management
  • Set individual or group spending limits, view history of orders applied against budget, and receive notifications as funds expire.
  • Quick Click Ordering
  • Create location-specific notes and understand what is on display at current location, as well as order history of what has been sent in the past.

Signage Management Software

Our signage management software makes rollouts easier by giving you the tools to audit all accounts to replace and rollout new artwork. The software allows you to place orders, view progress, track shipments, and run reports necessary to make and maintain your budget decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use signage management software to control your brand’s visual retail presence please call us at 800-962-3119 or click the link below.

What Goes Into A Nationwide Signage Rollout?

  • Determining out-of-date graphics by generating location and artwork-specific reports.
  • Establishing what new creative replaces what old graphic
  • Cross-referencing to photo library of current store layout
  • Generating costs for budgeting
  • Scheduling site surveys for any new locations needing new artwork
  • Creating orders and updating the store’s online profile to new creative
  • 40 VISUALS Graphic Designers create new artwork file for each location’s custom size signage
  • Dropshipping and tracking new creative to each location
  • Installing prints at locations

Specifically using our signage management software to identify existing artwork at the location and easily replace signage.

Need an Estimate or Ready to Place an Order

Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service team members. Tell us a little about your upcoming project: What effects are you wanting to achieve? What is your timing? How long do the graphics need to last? What is your budget? 

It also helps to give us the budget for your project so that we can guide you to the products and materials that will meet both your expectations and your budget. Give us as much information as you can, and we’ll get back to you right away!


JGX fills a unique void in the market in that they supply creative consultation to help companies bring vision to conceptual ideas. Their innovative solutions allow projects to be produced on budget and most of the time, on stringent timelines.

Ken Maxwell

Creative Director/Partner, LDWW

I'm a designer with J Howell Construction in Highland Village, TX and we recently ordered some signage from JGX Group & I can not say enough about them. The collaboration process was so smooth, they presented ideas & were incredibly open to going off what I designed. Their customer service was amazing & there was such an ease working with them that we have decided to definitely to order from & work with them again. Thank you JGX Group for such a wonderful experience. And if you haven't checked out showroom in the Design District you have got to!

Becky Olson

Designer, J Howell Construction

The JGX team helped us with our design plans from start to finish, including detailed renderings for us to review. They also made the installation process quick and painless.

Tommaso Diodato

Director of Visual Merchandising, Ippolita

Beyond impressed with my JGX experience. I approached them with a project that had a tight deadline and they not only came through early, but also completed the job beautifully and beyond expectations.

Ronak Assadi

DIFFA Board of Trustees

Wonderful experience with Scott, Nancy, and Ryan at JGX Group. They were very caring in making sure I got exactly what I wanted for my company. The project turned out great, and I am using them again now for another project. Thank you for your quick and friendly replies, and fast turn around time.

Madelein Black

We loved working with Scott at JGX Group for our exterior sign on our building! It helps increase marketing reach and gives us a home more than we have in just our building! Thanks!!

Cam Petty

We just opened up our second location of Class Studios this past weekend and we could not have done it without JGX. We've worked with them for years, on our first location and now second, thankful for their precision and attention to detail, as well as their incredible customer service. Scott, Mark, and the entire team were a joy to work with. Thank you for making our studio look so amazing.

Paige Martindell

Great company, everything from standard signage to custom jobs. Everything in house from production to install. Checked out some of their work at 4510 & Nieman Marcus and the creative team will definitely make your space or promotional collateral fantastic on any level!!

Sean Corcoran

Scott and his team were fantastic. Great advice and design, professional installers, we could not be happier.

Joe Bergam

The face shields work great for seeing patients and keeping safe. Quick shipping to Florida. This is a great product for the medical community during a time when medical suppliers cannot keep up.

Kyle Watson

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