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The Benefits of Using Backdrops

 When it is time to plan an event, it is important to consider every detail of the décor to enhance the ambiance. Every element contributes to making the entire theme come together. Backdrops are an important element to consider because they highlight the event theme and offer a great picture moment. 

Backdrops are integral in creating the ambiance of events whether it is a corporate event, tradeshow, anniversary, or a milestone birthday party.  They are one of the most important elements in transforming a space from ordinary to majestic.

Why rent a boring standard backdrop that is only used one time when you can choose from one of the many custom backdrop options that JGX Group has to offer.  Our extensive range of custom backdrop options provides you with the flexibility to choose size, hardware type, ease of set-up, ease of storage, and custom graphics, which our talented designers can help you create.  (head over to design or get a free quote) We have a number of options that will meet most any budget from a simple banner backdrop to elaborate internally lit dimensional structures.

Still, debating? Here are some reasons to purchase your very own custom backdrop.

Backdrops Can Disguise Imperfections- It is obvious that backdrops add a touch of distinction and enhance both your theme and décor. They come in handy to hide the unsightly backgrounds, worn walls, and spaces which otherwise detract from the charm of your event décor. Backdrops will allow you to conceal a not so perfect venue and hide all the wear and tear in the most charming manner!  Additionally, they can be used to guide your guest to the heart of the party by blocking off areas of a venue that are not intended for the party.

Wide Range of Options- Backdrops give you freedom to create your dream look in the style and color you want. With custom printing we can create something unique giving you the choice of styles, design, material, colors and copy. Transform your plain walls into magnificent images!

Our LED internally lit backdrop options may be just the ticket when trying to subtly add warmth to a cold drab space. Step and Repeat Backdrops as well as “Selfie” Backdrops make for stunning photographic opportunities capturing the moment in time with unforgettable messages.  Your guests will love to strike a pose or two in front of these beautiful photo backdrops and you will have memorable pictures to cherish and relive those precious moments. Our design team can incorporate your own images, logo’s and copy or you can choose from stock photography images to design the perfect backdrop for your event. 

Backdrops As Gorgeous Photo Booths- Having photo booths or “selfie moments” at special events is a popular trend. Creative backdrops can become breathtaking photo backgrounds guests can capture timeless memories through photos. To make these pictures unique to your event, create a photo booth backdrop with one of our pop-up, pillowcase, or banner stand options. Also, very popular for picture moments are our Standee’s and our custom sculpted foam dimensional backdrops.  These are contour cut rigid board or dimensional foam self-standing images.  Want a picture with the bride and groom or a famous person?  Add a Standee or dimensional foam backdrop to your function.

Elevate the Décor and Theme of your Event- The décor of any event venue is the first thing that catches the eye of the patrons setting the mood of the event.  Using a backdrop will let you style your event decorations the way you want according to your theme and color schemes. Many venues offer generic, boring backdrops that are not customizable to your specific needs. To set your event apart and make an impression on your guests, choose from our vast selection of backdrops that will certainly offer an option at a price point that will fit your budget.

Durable And Reusable- If you are a party lover at heart or an avid event planner, a photo backdrop can help you create stunning backgrounds time and time again to liven up your celebrations. With proper care, our backdrops can be used time and time again. We offer several re-usable, collapsible, and easy to store hardware options that provide the ability to change out the graphics as desired.

Customizable- One of the best things about using backdrops is that they can be completely customizable to add your personal touch to your event décor. With a wide variety of backdrop options, we can print any custom design from the print files you provide, or you can utilize our design team to create something totally unique. There are a multitude of options available to adorn your custom backdrops for added beauty and grandeur.

Needless to say, backdrops are integral to any successful event. Plan your event décor and set it apart by incorporating an alluring effect by turning an the ordinary into something extraordinary by simply choosing the right party backdrop!

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Schedule a professional installation of your graphics with one of our customer service representatives.  JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally.

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