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Fence Banner Wraps and Graphics

Quick Turnaround- Design Services Available

JGX Group creates durable fence wraps and banners that are available in an 8 oz vinyl mesh or 13 oz solid vinyl material. Designed to withstand the elements and printed with fade-resistant UV ink, they can be used to display your brand or message on any outdoor fence or wall! 

What Are Custom Fence Wraps?

Custom printed fence banners (also known as fence wraps, screens, or coverings) are made from digitally printing an image or graphic onto either an 8 oz vinyl mesh material or a 13 oz solid vinyl material. Fence wraps not only provide a durable, easily seen marketing tool, but can also double as a privacy screen. While the outside can be seen from the inside, outdoor onlookers cannot see inside.

The mesh material has a 70:30 permeability ratio, meaning that 30% of the banner’s material is missing. This allows for wind to easily pass through the banner, but does result in a less vibrant image. The solid vinyl is not missing any material, which makes it catch more wind but does provide a more colorful image. Each material is tear resistant and is designed to withstand continual outdoor or indoor use. 

Vinyl and mesh Fence graphics are a great way to utilize extra space as a successful marketing vehicle and here at JGX, we produce quality fence graphics out of premium materials that are well executed from design through installation. 

They are very popular to use during construction on barrier fences. Every business wants to gain the exposure it deserves, and this is a great way to achieve that recognition even before your business has opened.

JGX offers both a printable mesh material that allows the wind to pass through or and reinforced vinyl banner material that we add with wind slits to allow the wind to escape.  We also incorporate rivets for easy clean installation.

A fence sign can help you leave a lasting impression with prospective customers. Many companies can benefit from these exterior signs, especially when you want to advertise your business or your message to surrounding traffic at sports venues, events, and new construction.



Installation Information

Schedule a professional installation of your graphics with one of our customer service representatives.  JGX Group offers expert installations both locally in Dallas/ Ft Worth and nationally.

Design Service

Whether you need help uploading your design or are interested in creating something unique, our team of professional graphic designers is here to help. If you already have a digital file, we can turn it into a fence graphic, and you can put it anywhere or give it to anyone. 

Need an Estimate or Ready to Place an Order

After deciding to go with an exterior fence sign, you need to decide how you would like to customize your sign. Our customer service representatives and designers make the process easy giving you the ability to choose from an exceptional color gamut, stylized fonts, customized messaging, finished borders, and grommets. The final product will be a fence sign perfect for your business.

Contact one of our helpful customer service representatives today to place your order now

JGX fills a unique void in the market in that they supply creative consultation to help companies bring vision to conceptual ideas. Their innovative solutions allow projects to be produced on budget and most of the time, on stringent timelines.

Ken Maxwell

Creative Director/Partner, LDWW

I'm a designer with J Howell Construction in Highland Village, TX and we recently ordered some signage from JGX Group & I can not say enough about them. The collaboration process was so smooth, they presented ideas & were incredibly open to going off what I designed. Their customer service was amazing & there was such an ease working with them that we have decided to definitely to order from & work with them again. Thank you JGX Group for such a wonderful experience. And if you haven't checked out showroom in the Design District you have got to!

Becky Olson

Designer, J Howell Construction

The JGX team helped us with our design plans from start to finish, including detailed renderings for us to review. They also made the installation process quick and painless.

Tommaso Diodato

Director of Visual Merchandising, Ippolita

Beyond impressed with my JGX experience. I approached them with a project that had a tight deadline and they not only came through early, but also completed the job beautifully and beyond expectations.

Ronak Assadi

DIFFA Board of Trustees

Wonderful experience with Scott, Nancy, and Ryan at JGX Group. They were very caring in making sure I got exactly what I wanted for my company. The project turned out great, and I am using them again now for another project. Thank you for your quick and friendly replies, and fast turn around time.

Madelein Black

We loved working with Scott at JGX Group for our exterior sign on our building! It helps increase marketing reach and gives us a home more than we have in just our building! Thanks!!

Cam Petty

We just opened up our second location of Class Studios this past weekend and we could not have done it without JGX. We've worked with them for years, on our first location and now second, thankful for their precision and attention to detail, as well as their incredible customer service. Scott, Mark, and the entire team were a joy to work with. Thank you for making our studio look so amazing.

Paige Martindell

Great company, everything from standard signage to custom jobs. Everything in house from production to install. Checked out some of their work at 4510 & Nieman Marcus and the creative team will definitely make your space or promotional collateral fantastic on any level!!

Sean Corcoran

Scott and his team were fantastic. Great advice and design, professional installers, we could not be happier.

Joe Bergam

The face shields work great for seeing patients and keeping safe. Quick shipping to Florida. This is a great product for the medical community during a time when medical suppliers cannot keep up.

Kyle Watson

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