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First Impressions

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

First Impressions

You meet someone for the first time – it could be a boss, a friend of a friend, or a potential new client.  The endless thoughts going through their brain in those first few seconds can affect your relationship far down the line.  Is this someone I should approach or escape? Are they friendly? What is their social status?  Are they likeable, questionable, trustworthy?

We can all agree in business first impressions are critical.

When surveying new customers at a business and asking “How did you find us?” 50% of them answered “On-premise Signage.”  Your sign was their first impression of your business.  It was the initial handshake with someone who will choose whether or not to do business with you.

While you can’t always make sure your posture is correct, all of your employees are smiling when someone walks in, or you have properly pulled off all the social queues which transmits to someone you are the business at which they should spend their money, you can make sure your first impression is the kind of greeting you want people to have a long and lasting memory of your organization.

If you don’t have anything in front of your business, then there may be a reason.  Perhaps you don’t want people walking through the front door.  Maybe you don’t need new customers.  But, studies show adding a sign directly improves sales revenue. In both Fast Food and Retail Sales studies showed revenue increases from 7.7% to 15.6% when the company added or changed signage for their business.

Even more, research shows that, on average, 85% of your clientele live and work within a five mile radius of your business.  This means your customers potentially see your signage 50 to 60 times per month.

Did you know 13% to 20% of people move each year?  This means you have a chance to gather a 13% to 20% chance of grabbing new customers each year due to your signage alone.  In fact, when polled, 35% of customers knew about a local business just because they saw it while passing.  Your signage is very important!

So think about this:  What is your sign saying to people who may be looking for your type of business?  Is it just a fancy logo of your company’s name?  Does it tell the story of what is behind the doors?  Does it invite someone in?  For one of the cheapest ways to advertise on the market, your sign should be performing that first impression very well.

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