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California Coast in Texas

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Coast is an indoor cycling spin studio in Dallas, Texas which opened in August 2022. After the unexpected loss of her younger brother Cristian, cofounder and SoCal native Sabrina Roy found solace in sweating. Indoor cycling specifically became more than a workout; it was therapy. Inspired by her co-founder Marisa Wayne’s success in boutique fitness in California and the in memory of her brother, Sabrina realized she wanted to follow her passions sooner rather than later and open a studio of her own. Marisa and Sabrina met up again – this time in Dallas, where the concept of Coast was born. They wanted to bring a high-energy, inclusive, fun, albeit challenging, workout to a new community. To learn more about Coast, visit them online at www.coastcycle.com.

Client’s Vision

 Sabrina wanted the look and feel to be produced with the intention of keeping Cristian’s vibrant memory alive. Coast looked to JGX Group to help emulate two of his greatest qualities; the ability to make everyone in the room feel welcome, and the power to turn doubt into drive. Starting with a blank canvas, Coast collaborated with JGX Group to develop and implement their interior branding and exterior storefront that would capture the attention of potential customers and visitors.

JGX Group Solution

While under construction, JGX Group started by producing a stunning exterior window mural advertising Coast’s arrival to Dallas. We also produced a clean exterior aluminum Coast pms blue painted cabinet sign with dimensional white acrylic letters attached. For the interior, JGX Group produced vibrant vinyl wall murals with quality substrates and finishes of Coast’s logo with matching wave lines along the walls and panels.

Quality Installation Highlight

JGX Group understands a lot of hard work and planning goes into the design and production of a quality product. That being said, a well executed installation is imperative. It is our goal to showcase your beautiful designs with seamless, timely, quality installations. Our team will take the headache out of the process for you by managing the entire installation process from start to finish both locally and nationally. Contact JGX Group today for your interior branding, print, signage, and installation needs. Let us help bring your ideas to life!

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